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Creating Fluid Continuity of Learning using a Blended Approach in K-12 School Districts is a Course

Creating Fluid Continuity of Learning using a Blended Approach in K-12 School Districts



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This self-paced professional development workshop is targeted at school district leaders who are interested in developing a fluid continuity of learning between school learning and home learning using a blended approach.  A blended approach to learning can be enacted in 100% face to face, 100% remote or hybrid classrooms. Furthermore, using a blended learning approach in K-12 schools is supported with evidence-based research as a best practice approach for supporting student learning.  This professional development is focused on integrating a systematic approach to blended learning for the future of K-12 schooling and is useful whether remote learning is needed or not.  This approach centers on connecting school learning, tools and strategies to home experiences, so the school learning and home/real-world connections are fluid.  The professional development includes suggested full or partial tech approaches to blended learning.  This approach is informed by survey data gathered from K-12 parent and teacher experiences on remote learning during COVID-19, as well as best practices in education technology around blended learning. 


District leaders will leave this professional development with a comprehensive understanding of how to develop a school-wide system of fluid continuity in learning with a blended approach and bring these ideas back to their district to implement with each school building. This is not a short term fix, rather a longer-term approach to blended teaching and learning.  The course includes lots of resources, templates, checklists, and professional development packets to modify and use in K-12 schools. 


The professional development is composed of six modules:

  • Module 1: Defining and understanding what a blended approach to fluid continuity of learning means for a school district
  • Module 2: Addressing the issues of equity for fluid continuity in blended learning (Digital Access, Students on IEPs, racial equity, ELLs, time, literacy).
  • Module 3: Explicitly supporting teachers and caregivers in being digitally legal when selecting, designing and using tools for a blended approach (FERPA, COPPA, EULA, Copyright)
  • Module 4: Selecting and setting up tools to support a district-wide system of fluid continuity of learning between school and home
  • Module 5: Defining district teaching strategies, communications, norms and routines for fluid continuity of learning between school and home


Who Should Attend:

  • District leader teams including administrators, technology coaches/coordinators, instructional designers, and lead teachers.


Resources and Materials:

  • Checklists, templates, professional development packets, and reusable Google Slide Presentations will be included in a take-home resource packet for districts.


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